| 26.3 - Submarine |

No, seriously, I don’t. I was going through it the other day with a friend and I concluded I don’t like The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, Guns’n’Roses, Status Quo, any of the ‘great’ oldies… And I call myself a musician?!

I’m going on a break for a bit. I’ve got about 3 months worth of comics written in backlog but I just don’t have the time to make them at the moment. Still, half a year without a break’s rather good for me.

Be Seeing You! (In May/June)

| 26.2 - Marking |

I love marking graffiti… I was originally going to have all the speech in these comics hand written… As you can see from this strip, type was a much better move.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt teaching so far is that surprise is an excellent tool. A kid asked me the other day ‘Is there a way to make one plus one be zero?’ - fully expecting a negative response - to which I responded ‘Yes’. The look on his face at that point of sincerity was priceless… (Consider the integers modulo 2, by the way. Equivalently an odd number plus an odd number will be even, so the remainders upon division by two give 1+1 = 0… Too much maths?)

PS - I’m fully aware H isn’t strictly a group, as embarrassing events don’t have an additive inverse… And don’t I know it.

| 26.1 - Ukuleless |

This week is (for the most part) Music Week!

I have this thing against buskers with ukuleles… I don’t mind a well played ukulele, in fact I think it can be rather spiffing (see The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and/or The iDiOT CIRCUS for reference). But town buskers (and that utter sod in the ‘Match.com’ advert) know about 3 chords and think thats enough to give them the right to inflict themselves upon the innocent consumer public.

Still I do most of my shopping online…

| 25.3 - Trousered |

The lengths you have to go to to tastefully enquire into a man’s medical history…”

| 25.2 - Instapology |

The title says it all… I’m rather uneasy about posting this, but I tried other variations like ‘I’m gonna kill you!’ or ‘Give me all your money!’, but none of them seemed as much of a humorous contrast to me…

P.S. - Rape is bad, Kids. Remember, don’t take rape…
P.P.S. - I also apologise for that P.S.

| 25.1 - Pogonophobia |

This week is Insensitivity Week. I touch on some unfortunate topics… Much like paedophiles touch on *slaps self*… Sorry.

I love my bushy beard. Bushy beards are brilliant. Wizards have got it so right. They are the wisest of us for sure… That hats are a bit pillocky though…

| 24.3 - Duplicatalyst |

"At least he and I both have navels…"

You don’t know how difficult it was finding a second fez identical to mine… Also, did you know that clones of right-handed people are left-handed?

| 24.2 - Begoggled |

"That’ll be £50."

"I don’t remember having to pay."

"That can happen…"

| 24.1 - Lavatoire |

This week is The Week of Invention. I thought of that title all by myself.

Does anybody else find this? I call my loo ‘The Font of Knowledge’…

| 23.3 - Reich |

Hmm… He had brown hair didn’t he? I only noticed after I’d done the fill colour… Still, he was always changing his style, hence his nickname, Hair Hitler… Please don’t hit me.

PS - I used Stuart’s character as a base to draw Hitler… Is it wrong to feel guilty for doing that?