| Good Girl & The Bad Times | 

I know I don’t usually post other people’s work on here, yet I feel I must make an exception in this case.

I loved a band/musician called ‘Moxie Block’, and was extremely confused a few months ago to find that their album had completely disappeared. Not from my computer, but from the internet.

Anywho, skip to this morning and I endeavoured to find where on earth it all went. After approximately half an hour of digging I stumble across a newish band ‘Good Girl & The Bad Times’, who appear to be the spiritual successor to Moxie Block, inasmuch as the vocalist is the same person and the music is just as fantastic. 

This may not seem a big deal to you guys, but I’m wearing a rather big grin at the moment, and shall most likely continue to do so throughout the day. I hope you listen to this and get as much satisfaction from it as I do now.

On an unrelated note, I have almost finished animating a 3 minute 3D short which I shall post some time in the near future, when I’ve sorted out the kinks. In the meantime, it’s back to animation whilst listening to these four songs on repeat.

Be Seeing You!

Work In Progress: Album IV.II


I just thought, now that I’m free for the summer (potentially my last proper summer holiday), that I’d fill you in on how the new album is coming along.
Well… well.
That’s how it’s coming along. Well.
The following tracks are confirmed for the album, although more may be added depending on how bored I get whilst mixing:

TPWF IV.II Confirmed Tracks:
1) Isthmus
2) Ice White Winter
3) Epsilon Hydrae
4) Spur
5) Cornucopiate
6) Black Air
7) One Thousand Needles / Everybody’s Grudge
8) Solitaire
9) Stoneskin (Something Other People Do)
10) Penance
11) Lead Knives
12) The Divine Comedy
13) When I’m Done Hunting 

These names may also change, although most are fixed by now.

There’s a sort of pseudo-spanishy-cum-western vibe running through this album, and (as ever with my newest album) I think it has some of my best songs on it (particularly ‘Stoneskin’, ‘One Thousand Needles’ and ‘Black Air’). Also, because I’m getting more and more ideas for individual meaningful songs, most of these songs have a double-meaning to them. So that’s something to listen out for. Hopefully I shall have it out by Late July/Early August, and probably a couple of demos out before then, but we’ll see.

I am also working on a few flash games in my spare time: a platformer, an RPG and a couple of point’n’click games. Whether or not any of them will see fruition I don’t know, but one can hope.

Anywho, enough ishkabibble, It’s the holidays: Time to get to work!
Be Seeing You! 

| TPWF Live Stream #1 - Black Air, Isthmus & More… |
Having received my mixing desk that morning I embarked on a task to perform a live stream of the new song ‘Black Air’. After 30 minutes of wire fiddling I eventually got the stream up and running and maybe got a bit carried away with the number of songs:

- Black Air [New]
- Isthmus [New]
- Hessian [Will o’ The Wisp]
- Safe for the Moment [The Diaries of False Omega]

Note: The mixing wasn’t too well done, so I re-overdubbed the backing track for Black Air in such a way that you can actually hear it. Other than that, it’s all as performed.